Architectural Petrology: Oto arquitectos' Volcanic Fogo Island Natural Park Headquarters

Fernando Guerra's photographs reveal a low bastion sprawling over a dust-and-red scrub landscape, built of the same volcanic rock which composes the island.

Pendura Coat Stand: A New Triple Edge Takes Form

Galula puts a new and curiously charming design together to modernize an old and trivial piece of furniture, the coat stand.

Azerbaijan’s Shapely New Airport Terminal

Autoban Adds 65,000 Square Meters of Aesthetic, Innovative Space to Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

The Simpsons and  Pietre Mondrian Inspired Wine Bottles by Constantin Bolimond

Although it's likely that Homer Simpson would scoff at the modernist works of Pietre Mondrian, he would certainly be...

Off The Page: Saina Koohnavard Puts Her Sketches on the Body

Should clothes be generated from the body or the other way around?


Home is Where the Hammock is: Mi Casa, Your Casa by Esrawe

Esrawe designs 40 red metal-framed houses whose warmly inviting versatility offers people to engage with their environment in their own way, and on their own terms.

Ride the Lawn: Super Green Bike by Swabdesign

Swabdesign’s take on the classic fixie bike: decked in green and ready to roll.

Tropical Boxes: Phase II of The Naka Phuket

Phase II of the spectacular Naka Phuket consists of modern, boxy villas that protrude from the hillside.