Monkeying Around

The life of an IT guy. It can’t be all that thrilling. Or can it?? Thai Architect firm, Onion, says otherwise. Outfitted with monkey bars, punching bags, cozy, nap-ready nooks lined with cushy pillows (pillow fight, anyone?) and straight-up, Olympic-caliber gymnast hoops, the Bangkok-based office is a veritable jungle gym.

Housing 60 employees who typically log long hours at client’s offices resolving computer problems, the Inteltion HQ is a playful, and much-needed respite from the stress of melted hard drives. Bouncy yoga balls abound a light filled space appointed with warm wood paneling and light fixtures fabricated with about a gazillion ping-pong balls. One continuous iron bar connects conference tables, handrails, stools, pull-up bars and hanging rings in an unending ribbon of activity that unspools throughout the office. Magnetic checkers grace charcoal black walls, doubling as both a brain-teaser and continually-changing geometric art piece. Conference room tables transform into afterhours ping-pong matches, should the mood strike. Because, let’s be real. IT guys should have a good time too.

Photography courtesy of: Wworkspace

Inteltion Office monkey bars
Inteltion Office conference room
Inteltion Office punching bag
Inteltion Office napping nook
Inteltion Office playground
Inteltion Office checkers
Inteltion Office activities