Here at KNSTRCT, we curate our content selectively.

Thought of as an online museum of design news. KNSTRCT prides itself on being a destination for captivating design happenings. And as such, advertising on KNSTRCT ensures that your brand will be delivered straight to today’s top influencers, innovators and game changers alongside original, authentic, new-to-your-eyeballs content.

Who are the aforementioned innovators and influencers? Our insatiable readers are a dynamic group of tastemakers. They’re opinion leaders in their social groups. The Alpha dogs of the pack. These folks are a passionate bunch of international design enthusiasts with an appreciation for aesthetics in all facets of life. They have an eye for design, a thirst for innovation, and uncompromising taste. KNSTRCT readers are an upwardly mobile bunch, highly educated with a penchant for travel - both business and pleasure.

With a near even split among the sexes (54% male - 46% female), the majority of KNSTRCT’s readers fall in the 25 to 44 year age group. According to a survey conducted at the beginning of 2011, our readers trust and support KNSTRCT’s content - 63% of them visit KNSTRCT daily/weekly, and 1 out of 4 readers make purchases triggered and driven by KNSTRCT’s suggestions and promotions.

We're happy to collaborate with brands that share our design philosophy. Banner ads do the trick, but we like to take advertising a step further by creatively integrating advertising into more engaging content. We’ve worked with brands like HTC, Absolut Vodka, Cadillac, Smartwater, Ketle One and Droid, effectively packaging their products into clever and highly-shared content that’s relevant and authentic.

Our advertising runs the gamut - from sponsored content and artistic collaborations, to banner ads, homepage takeovers and sponsored homepage badges.

If you’re interested in receiving our full media kit or discussing a potential communication plan with KNSTRCT, we’re happy to chat. Shoot us an e-mail to let the brainstorming begin.

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