Ice cream truck? We prefer a whole museum.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to dip your feet into a pool of 100 million brilliantly colorful plastic sprinkles that look good enough to eat? Neither have we…but now it’s a pronto must-do because everybody’s favorite summer cool-down go-to just got real.

While there’s no Oompa Loompa running around terrorizing children, the Museum of Ice Cream creator, Maryellis Bunn, makes sure the traveling exhibit of interactive tasting experiences features edible creamy treats from delicious names like McConnell’s and DOVE® Chocolate and dot your journey through this fantastical optical extravaganza of frozen dairy heaven. MOIC even has mochi for all our snottier friends who like their ice cream ekthra fanthy.

You won’t believe your eyes or your senses. Specially created fragrances will make you feel like a child again.  Unless you’re actually a child. Then you’ll just feel like, well, a child.  Banana split rooms made up of 10k ‘nanners will make you beg to be locked up in an insane asylum. The whole thing is straight outta Kookoo, USA and we’re completely nuts for it. Get it? Nuts?  Banana sp… forget it.  If you’re lactose intolerant, you might want to skip it. You won’t be able to control yourself and we’re pretty sure you’ll regret that.

Photography courtesy of: Katie Gibbs

Museum of Ice Cream sprinkle pool
Museum of Ice Cream popcicles
Museum of ice Cream door
Museum of Ice Cream sorbet rainbows
Museum of Ice Cream bananas
Mint Chip Room
Museum of Ice Cream installation
Museum of Ice Cream gummy bears
Museum of Ice Cream LA