Vida restaurant serves up sumptuous touches

Remember back to when you were a kid and your parents vehemently warned you not to touch anything? Antique shops stacked with floor-to-ceiling fragile heirlooms and the likes? Well, Vida restaurant is the opposite of that. Rife with tactile touches, the Hangzhou-based eatery is clad in emerald and sapphire velvet, quilted banquettes, and plush ottomans that are begging to be manhandled.

Designed by acclaimed Chinese studio Atelier I-N-D-J, the two-story restaurant and lounge exudes sheer opulence, glistening with rose gold mirrors and dripping in greenery. A gold-foil cladded ceiling in one dining area converts into a faceted mesh bronzed ceiling in the great room, evoking warmth in a honeyed brass tone. “The embodiment of vibrancy, Vida has multifarious personalities, warm and inviting, yet bold and risqué,” the design studio shares.

Upon entrance, guests are greeted by a custom light installation. Moving deeper into the small, yet cozy eatery, breezy curtains partition secluded dining areas that are punctuated with light pink brass mirrors in varying sizes. The focal point is undoubtedly the open kitchen that takes center stage in buzzing restaurant. Serving as the spine of the space, circulation and food service is fed from the kitchen opening.

Herringbone flooring meets marble tabletops while haloes of light float from bespoke fixtures, giving the appearance of dancing fireflies at dusk. Atelier I-N-D-J elaborates, “The rich physical design is paralleled with a tightly integrated visual identity strategy that connects and embodies all aspects of Vida, allowing for a seamless customer experience.”  

If the food is anything like the atmosphere, we’d imagine it’s ridiculously heavenly.

Photography courtesy of: Seth Powers

Vida dining room
Vida lounge
Vida restaurant
Vida restaurant
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