Bond Agency puts the golden touches on Paulig Kulma Café

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Paulig Kulma Café is a latte lover’s dream, serving up beans that’ve been roasted on-site with TLC. The two-story café boasts its own in-house micro roastery, not to mention a school for baristas-in-training, fittingly coined the Paulig Barista Institute.

Leading coffee brand of the Nordic countries, Paulig joined forces with the Bond Agency to create a multi-sensory, multi-level experience that serves up tantalizing sights, tastes, and smells throughout the eatery. Guests can sample blends, buy beans, and kick back in swinging bird-cage like chairs whilst noshing on Tiramisu.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and after-hours eats till 11pm on weekends, the space is sectioned into various lounges and offers a triad of cozy, backlit nooks that have a treehouse-like feel. A network of polished copper piping lends an industrial feel, offset by sky blue hues and a blocky, tiered seating schematic that encourages interaction amongst visitors.

Fun fact: Paulig Kulma’s in-house roasting machine lovingly goes by the nickname “Bertha,” and runs on clean-burning bio gas, which happens to be a 100% renewable fuel from Finland. We’ll raise our latte to that.

Photography courtesy of: Paavo Lehtonen

Paulig Kulma Cafe
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Paulig Kulma lounge
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