Member’s only SoHo Speakeasy, Disrepute

Espionage. Scandal. Nefarious strangers. Soho’s lavish, 60s inspired speakeasy has all the makings of a Goldfinger-era Bond flick. London-based branding gurus, Two Times Elliott, deftly dialed in glossy marble floors, brass accoutrement, and velvet for days creating an Insta-worthy hideout known only as Disrepute (D.R.P. to the cool kids).

A veiled lair tucked away in the basement of Kingly Court, the joint happens to be at the site of the once notorious Kingly Club, rumored to have been frequented by the likes of Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn in their heyday. (True story. Look it up.) If you can make it past the nearly impenetrable door, members descend a narrow set of red-carpeted stairs (obviously, because… what else?) before emerging into an opulent, wood-paneled vault bejeweled in emerald and ruby tones.

Luxe menus listing retro-inspired libations are housed in salivary-gland-stimulating Aperol Spritzer orange and Crème de Menthe green in a delectable concoction of colors. Featuring cocktails curated with the clandestine backstories of enigmatic strangers, Disrepute spares no expense. Open 'til 3am for romantic rendezvous and salacious trysts, Disrepute has all the makings of a late-night thriller.

Photography courtesy of: Two Times Elliott

Disrepute sign
Disrepute stairs
Disrepute lounge
Disrepute bar
Disrepute Soho bar
Disrepute seating
Disrepute bar Soho