Solera supermarkets serving produce-chic

If Keith Haring and Banksy had ever collaborated, we’re pretty sure Cologne’s Solera supermarket would be that love child. Sevillian supermarkets guru, Pepa Bascón, has reimagined stocking your pantry and crystallized that vision with the help of the kings of colorful interiors, Masquespacio.  The result is the coolest place to buy jamon serrano.

Shifting her focus from food service professionals to regular Joes and home cooks, Pepa is bringing the beauty and freshness of an ever-growing Spanish gastronomy movement to the homes of Germany and doing it in style. High-gloss black tiles separated by stark, white grout interspersed with Caribbean blue and vine-ripened-tomato red awnings suspended from wire lend a euro-chic subway station feel to the mosaic of in-store reach-ins, sampling stations, and cooking class kitchen.  The check-out stands are so fun you’ll go buy more stuff just to go through them again.  The store colors and layout are as vibrant and seducing as Spain herself. Grocery shopping just became our favorite pastime.

Photography courtesy of: Masquespacio

solera supermarket facade
solera supermarket sampling station
solera supermarket reach in cooler
solera supermarket employee door
solera supermarket lockers
solera lockers
solera interior cologne
solera supermarket demonstration kitchen