Anagrama steps it up with the design of Novelty Apparel’s retail space

Pink. When executed in excess it can be disastrous. Repellent even. For whatever reason, folks have the tendency to go overboard and create a full-blown coral conundrum. Mexico-based Novelty Apparel is not that. Not at all. The ready-to-wear retail store sports the perfect shade of blushing petal pink. More so, the delightfully delicate, peony-inspired shade is balanced with a mélange of masculine details. We’re talking a jet-black façade, floor-to-ceiling architectural details, concrete flooring, and polished steel fixtures.

The genius interior is the brainchild of Mexico-based Architecture and Interior design studio, Anagrama. Located in Bosques del Valle, Mexico, the bi-level space is executed in a palette of soft, pink tones that feature height fluctuations and bold, geometric shapes. A triumph in proportions, sharp, angular steps and blocky glass cubes containing couture garments are met with soft, circular negative spaces, and bright, linear lighting.

Anagrama explains, “With the use of various materials including marble and metal color laminates, we impregnate a feeling of fluidity and depth in the space. We emphasize forms through lighting, contrasting light and shadows. The rugged finishes add to the interior space’s warm, feminine look.”

We can’t help it. Novelty has us tickled pink.

Photography courtesy of: Estudio Tampiquito

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