Breakfast is served: Designers Créatifs introduces luxe, Standard Café

There’s something to be said for skipping the rush-hour McMuffin and enjoying a leisurely breakfast whilst perusing the morning paper. In a word, unadulterated, unhurried KUH-LASS. Where else does one imbibe in a café au lait and devour a pain au cholat than a space of equally exquisite measure? Enter: Montréal’s Standard Café, Designers Créatifs' latest design confection spearheaded by Jean de Lessard. The refined 600 sq. foot space echoes with the dark, sophisticated look of fine dining, yet is open for the crack-of dawn, croissant-hungry crowd.

Set against a backdrop of ink black walls, luxe brass frames house a mélange of gourmet goods, seemingly free-floating in a glass pastry showcase. A minimalistic narrative is seen throughout the café, boasting a perfect balance of proportions. The sparse space is appointed with a sophisticated mix of custom furniture, pony-hair-like fabric touches, and hickory herringbone flooring. Stark lighting illuminates the airy ebony shell, enhancing the luster of brass touches and a colossal white quartz worktop. The interior scheme is equally as palatable as the pastries it houses. The questions is, who wants to meet us for an espresso?!

Photography courtesy of: Adrien Williams

The Standard Café white quartz counter
The Standard Café seating
The Standard Café
The Standard Café bakery
The Standard Café interior design
The Standard Café facade