Studio Gram designs electric blue Level One

It may be called Level One, but the innovative Adelaide-based restaurant by Studio Gram is next level. Located on the first floor of Electric House Hotel, the hotspot combines the collective brainpower of Graham Charbonneau and Dave Bickmore. You may remember the pair as the design duo behind some of Australia’s hottest  eye candy, including the Afghani takeaway joint Kutchi Deli Parwana, bespoke bakery Abbots & Kinney, and vibrant bar Africola.

A modern Asian restaurant appointed with neon signs and light boxes, the bright, inviting space known as Level One is, “All kinds of wonderful” as the firm affectionately boasts. “From the moment you step off the stairs, you are enveloped by scaffold-like joinery that wraps the corridor, drawing your eye to the long shared table, and out through the balcony doors to the treetops.” 

Operating with a design ethos that’s anything but cookie-cutter, the Australia-based design firm merges a mix of materials and unexpected color combos. Awash in fresh cobalt blue that bleeds from the flooring up the restaurant walls, Level One looks as though it’s been slowly submerged under water. Punctuated by a perfectly peppy Pepto-Bismol pink, the two hues arrive at a striking contrast, interrupted only by ceramic light fixtures that feature glossy, dripping paint that appear to necessitate a “Caution: wet paint” sign underneath.

Serving up a selection of fresh, South Australian fare, from Pan-Seared Barramundi to Wagyu Striploin and Ramen Gnocchi (yes, that’s a real thing), we can’t wait for an excuse to take in the sights and smells at Adelaide’s Level One.

Photography courtesy of: Jonathan VDK

Level One blue floor
Level One blue walls
Level One blue floors
Level One Australia
Level One restaurant
Level One wine racks