Avangard Gym flexes serious muscle

The gym. That torturous, three-letter word that rears its ugly head every January 1st come New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us buy stock in Lululemon, overzealously sign up for beginner’s yoga, and then let our gym bag gather dust in the trunk of the car. With swimsuit season quickly approaching, it seemed only fair to reinvigorate that elliptical-obsessed attitude you had back in January.

Feast your eyes on Avangard Gym, a hot spot in Yaroslavl, Russia. Architect Tatiana Sirotina was given the task of creating a fresh, dynamic look, utilizing the existing 400 sq. meter space and revamping vaulted ceilings, industrial I-beams, and prevailing brick. Her solve? Create intrigue with bold, monochromatic spaces throughout the gym.

Working with a lack of natural lighting, Sirotina splashed the walls with adrenaline-inducing hues. Zesty, lime green greets guests in the reception zone, an energetic, electric blue adorns the fitness area, and a calming cerulean hue encourages cool down come locker room. Black distinguishes design elements, covering columns, beams, cross bracings, and duct work. A system of lighting was devised to delineate group programs, featuring bright light for high-intensity classes and subdued lighting for mellow yoga courses.   

With a pulse-pumping palette, Pilates-promoting lighting, and an undeniably approachable aesthetic, there’s no reason not to hit your goal weight this season. Given that you live in Russia…

Photography courtesy of: Oleg Krasilnikov

Avangard gym reception
Avangard gym reception area
Avangard gym yoga
Avangard gym fitness area
Avangard gym yoga zone
Acangard gym locker room
Avangard gym lockers