A breath of fresh air

“God, I wish I had asthma.” Said no one, ever. Not yet, anyways. But maybe in the future they will. San Francisco based multidisciplinary designer, Tim Zarki, has just unleashed a colorful asthma solution for the always-picked-last-for-dodgeball crowd. Created as a “quick, weekend project,” no less.

With hip hues that will inevitably fit in on the elementary school playground, the cylindrical design sports a painterly splatter and hands-free, surfboard-like leash that’s equipped for the monkey bars. The recess-ready inhalers rely on 3D printing for color variance, transparency, and rigidity of material. Meant to make a bold statement rather than be source of embarrassment, the colorful, multi-dose inhalers were created in conjunction with the #breathebetterwithcs community design challenge hosted by Creative Session. For all you with asthma ailments, rejoice! Your cool kid status has finally arrived.

Photography courtesy of: Tim Zarki

Hue Inhalers group
Hue Inhalers two up
Hue Inhalers deconstructed
Hue Inhaler two up
Hue Inhaler black and white
Hue Inhalers bottom