Coffee just got perkier at Blend Station

Whether it’s your first mug or the 16th of your manic day, Mexico City design agency, Futura, with their client, Blend Station, have reshaped java expectations from shop to cup to that first glorious sip.  With a minimalist canvas as the interior, the brilliantly stark white walls are broken with flowy, chalky black swaths and pitted against walnut and pine hued sofas, lo-pro tables, and unforgivingly stiff banquets as serious as the roast.

It’s the kind of place we imagine Yoko Ono visiting with unremoved sunglasses as she slings highbrow judgment so quietly you have to lean in to hear. The in-store, ear-less ceramic sippers are pure Japanese countryside-chic, the cat-eyed logo laden totes will make you the reusable envy of farmer’s markets everywhere, and the multi-styled, sleek to-go containers are gonna bring undeniable MOMA realness to every beautiful drop of caffeinated bliss. Even the bags of beans to take home look like an Yves Saint Laurent clutch you’ll grip with your life at a Berlin nightclub. Before entering, do yourself a favor and rethink that outfit. You better bring it if you’re going to hang here.

Photography courtesy of: Rodrigo Chapa

blend station facade
Blend Station coffee bar
Blend Station wall mural
Blend Station communal table
Blend Station growlers
Blend Station coffee bag
Blend Station product display
Blend Station check out
Blend Station entrance exit