Sweet tooths apply within: Keiko Akatsuka serves up delectable cookie boxes

Put on your sunnies, people. Keiko Akatsuka’s delectable packaging for dry goods brand, Brown Sugar 1st, will put your retinas in overdrive. A feast for the senses, Keiko’s colorful box designs conceal organic coconut cookies, housed neatly within adorably sweet, taste-bud tantalizing boxes embossed with the word “Coco.”

Japan-based packaging designer, Keiko Akatsuka, was given the task of revamping the packaging to appeal as a special gifting item, rather than simply a dry goods commodity. Her approach? Borrow from the cookie’s ingredients. Namely: coconut. Drawing from the tropical fruit’s lush, island origins, the packaging designer cued up vibrant colors in a palette of sunny shades. Fuchsia pink, highlighter yellow, limeade, and tangerine converge in fragmented shapes and angular lines that will positively transport you to the tropics. Minus the sunburn.  

It’s true what they say, the best things come in small (insanely colorful) packages.

Photography courtesy of: Daisuke Takagai 

Colorful packaging design
Colorful packaging design Brown Sugar 1st
Colorful neon packaging design
Colorful packaging design
Vibrant packaging design
Colorful cookie packaging design