Welcome to the jungle: Thomas cook greets Casa Cook guests in style

One step inside the reception area at Casa Cook, and guests are met with vibrantly hand painted tile work that reflects the wild, bohemian character of the hotel and its locale. Drawing from the unique flora and fauna of the Grecian Isle’s natural surroundings, illustrator Karina Eibatova masterfully depicted both real and imagined creatures amid a lush landscape of botanical life.

Beyond the epic, Tarzan-worthy reception desk lies an ensemble of low, white, cubed buildings that emerge in a striking contrast to the rugged hillside terrain. Situated within walking distance to the beach, Casa Cook is magical collaboration between local architect Vana Pernari interior designer Annabell Kutucu, and Michael Schickinger, Creative Director of Berlin-based design agency, Lambs & Lions. The tranquil sanctuary is a traveler's haven, offering a seamless space that merges indoors and out, imagined in a neutral palette of muted earth tones.

Located on Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, the coastal town is renowned for its balmy beaches and ancient ruins. Lambs and Lions elaborated on their design ethos amid the Grecian locale, “Just as it should be at an island retreat, Casa Cook life mostly takes place barefoot under the sky. The spatial arrangement takes its cues from this carefree mode.”

Casa Cooks boasts no grandiose, heavy-handed design details, just pure simplicity and effortless elegance. Textured surfaces like wood and canvas come alive in airy, open spaces with intelligent floor plans that optimize light. Appointed with lush vegetation, private pools, liner wooden decks dotted with funky Acapulco chairs, and peaceful pergolas, the resort is rife with calm, relaxing, and tranquil touches. In a word: an absolute retreat for the senses.

Photography courtesy of: Georg Roske

Tropical tile illustration Casa Cook
Tropical tile illustration Casa Cook restaurant
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