Trafalgar Street Market: Mama Campo by Manolo Yllera

A little spot on Trafalgar Street in Madrid, Spain, captures rusticity, ruralism and the farmer's-market feel perfectly. The space, called Mama Campo, encapsulates a restaurant, a grocery store and a children's space in the old, traditional neighborhood of Plaza de Olavide. The coordinator of this project is the renowned Spanish photographer Manolo Yllera, whose eye for detail helped develop a place that pivots around ecological sustainability, freshness and environmental friendliness.

From a distance, Mama Campo appears to be an amalgamation of delightful pastel shades, owing partially to the position of the natural foods but largely to the materials, textures and fabric used in the interior design. The walls and ceilings home various textures while being lined with a wide array of art. The idea was to "patch" them with different textures and color the walls so that various elements can grab people's attention, but fit in smoothly with the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. A variety of eco-friendly materials have been used for that purpose including earth plaster, jute fiber, silicate clay, reeds, and lime.

The floor is entirely wooden and at certain points it is combined with patterned tiles from Entic Designs. The artistic murals throughout the space use woven reeds, clay, straw, sisal (natural fiber rope) and natural paints. Warm, earthy tones throughout Mama Campo give the place a very homey feel.

The eclectic design, of course, is just a setting for the savory food. The ingredients are mainly local from around the area -including the wine and beer. If you're in Madrid, make this detour from the heart of the city, to enjoy a few moments of the rustic feel and a delicious organic meal.

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