Maison Guerlain Perfumery by Peter Marino Architects

House Guerlain, one of the oldest perfumeries in the world, opened the doors to it’s “temple of beauty” on the  most fashionable boulevard in Paris, avenue des Champs-Elysées, in 1914.  Now a historic landmark, Maison Guerlain has undergone an extensive renovation by luxury designer Peter Marino to celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary.  

Asked by Guerlain to focus on the antique sections of the boutique and “imagine the continuation of the story,” Marino drew inspiration from the marble walls and Art Deco design of the beauty institute within the Maison started in 1939.  Gorgeous sunburst marquetry panels line a small room housing a perfume bottle museum, and a decadently creamy white and black marble grand staircase leads down to Guerlain’s new restaurant Le 68.

A fascinating and ethereal hallway of mirrors celebrates the Art Nouveau style of the original design with crystal chandeliers and cracked mirrors inset with gilded brass.  While most of the original objects d’art and furniture remained at Maison Guerlain as part of it’s historical heritage, parts of the building were completely redone, including the corridor of the main floor covered wall to wall with shimmering, glowing gold and silver panels - new, but a clear nod to the Art Deco roots.  

Despite the massive renovation, Marino’s vision clearly sprung from a deep respect for the history and innovation of House Guerlain.  The Maison has retained it’s glitzy luxury and timely elegance while welcoming youthful and contemporary details to gracefully balance the old world with the new.

Photography by Maison Guerlain

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