Game of Homes: Jerry House by Onion

An airy vacation home created by Thailand-based Onion design firm features multiple stories reached by ladders, a gravity defying family room comprised of nets, and a system of tot-sized tunnels. Because the family that plays together, stays together.

When tasked with designing a vacation home in Cha-am Beach, Thailand, Onion creative directors Arisara Chaktranon & Siriyot Chaiamnuay looked to the beloved American cartoon Tom & Jerry for inspiration, the infamous cat and mouse duo who've graced television and movie screens since the 1940's with their epic chase scenes in and around a typical suburban home - and the resulting design is anything but.

Onion's clients desired a vacation home wherein a large family could experience movement and play in such a way that most residences don't offer. By imagining a house that Jerry Mouse might live in, the team created a system of ladders connecting floors and bedrooms, a three story main living hall with large areas of the floor made of netting to create a floating experience within five different levels, and an array of windows and pillows that suggest the holes in a large block of cheese.

Tunnels, some too small for the grownups, connect the children's bedrooms on the third floor, and rolling out of bed into the safety of nets below is highly encouraged. The common areas of the Jerry House are primarily white and silver, with each bedroom painted a bold color reflecting the occupant's individuality.  Multitudes of half-moon windows wash the home in natural light, and a mirrored ceiling section within the main living hall creates a greater sense of space and height of the nets.

Jerry House by Onion encourages the whole family to run, climb, hide, hang and even fall together, creating strong bonds and lasting memories.

Photography:  Wison Tungthunya

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