Exploratorium: Hyundai Card Travel Library

Tour the world without ever leaving... Seoul, Korea.  Hyundai Card holders are invited to explore the new Travel Library in bustling Gangnam and plot their next journey amidst stacks of books, maps, and even plane schedules.

Cavernously cozy, the Travel Library features warm wood paneling throughout the space, including a floor to ceiling bookcase on one entire wall, and geometric patterned ceiling which recalls a neighborhood map or an aerial view of fertile farmlands. An Escher-esque staircase rises from the center of the room, breaking up the space into two levels. A diaspora of chairs represent cultures from around the globe, and yet help give the Library a homey, living room feel.

Tokyo-based design group Wonderwall imagined the Travel Library as a "stock of curiosity."  With nearly 15,000 books dedicated to travel, architecture, and photography, plus a complete collection of National Geographic, the most inquisitive minds will have plenty to navigate.  And if a client's exploration of the world through books drives them to a state of uncontrollable wanderlust? - They may purchase plane tickets with their Hyundai Card right in the Library. 

Photography: Nacasa & Partners