3D XL Wallpaper by More Soon Outfits Prada's NYC Digs

Inspired by Prada’s newest collection, Carl Burgess, Creative director of London-based agency More Soon, has  created a gargantuan, 200 foot long wallpaper for Prada’s SoHo store on Broadway.

The figures used in the wallpaper were drawn from Prada’s newest collection and were virtually revamped by Burgess. The almost ghost-like people were rendered in 3D with a very stylized visual language. Seemingly oil-based, the new lifeless figures look like a hybrid between 90’s Japanese video game characters and classic, stylish Bond imagery. The metallic and burnished models look almost like human versions of Jeff Koon’s balloon sculptures, plastered onto walls.

Of course, Prada would never put up the wallpaper without considering the entire ensemble. To complete More Soon’s creative vision, the store swapped out their regular flooring for a pitch-black carpet, covering every inch – including the grand staircase. The overhauled interiors and dark color palette of the showroom really give off a brooding, luxurious vibe, whether you’re walking by or deciding between two pairs of pumps. More Soon and Prada have shown us, once again, that black will always be the new black.


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