Aesop Elements Shop, Hong Kong

Aesop shops have been sprouting up like spring flowers, blossoming tiny stores that are consistently lending creative solutions to display their coveted merchandise. With Hong Kong ranking supreme as one of Asia's most influential markets, it only makes sense that the elegant and modern brand would flourish. The proof is in their bull-like expansion, as the Australian cosmetics brand has now opened their ninth Hong Kong based store, Aesop Elements.

Created by the brand's internal design team, the refined and stylish new space is a complementing addition to Aesop's growing brand. The shop leads with a clean wood clad storefront, that forms into a boxy tunnel, leading to the minimalistic white plaster interiors - a cool contrast from the wood.

Inside, Aesop's meticulously placed bottles are strategically arranged in recessed shelving, allowing each beautiful cosmetic jar to function as decor for the shop. A custom designed sink with hand-treated perforated brass fixtures is a sleek and central feature to the shop.

The sophisticated design of the new Aesop store is head-turning, and adds a refreshing element to its bustling Tim Sha Tsui location - a neighborhood that is overflowing with shops, restaurant and museums.

Photography by Scott Brooks

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