A Mid-Century Classic in São Paulo

A 1970’s São Paulo residence has been converted into a spacious and colorful house for a Brazilian couple and their three young children, who have lived in London for the past decade. At the helm of the transformation is none other than beloved Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres, a creative visionary, well known for his vibrant and playful aesthetic.

It took nearly six months for the architect, Guilherme Torres, to get to know the London based couple who’d contracted him in São Paulo. “All our meetings were via Skype, but their camera was never working, so I barely saw them throughout the whole process”, says the architect.

What started as an interior design job, quickly turned into an architectural renovation when Torres and the owners agreed to expand the dwelling to create more space and opportunities for natural light to filter in. The home-owner proved to be an excellent designer, which made the design process very pleasant. Because of the owners' keen sense of design, Torres' suggestions of really vibrant and colorful decoration were always well received.

In what was once an old, damp cellar, the architect created a living room surrounded by gardens and a swimming pool. Torres chose to put the children’s bedrooms and game room on the ground floor, and created a living room and kitchen on the basement level.

Custom design elements such as the dining-room table were designed by Torres and built in concrete during the construction phase, contrasting the mosaic tile wall behind.

A large multicolor lacquer cabinet was the starting point for the whole project, traversing the rooms, organizing the circulation and giving the house a unique atmosphere. From there, the design evolved into quirky accessories, patterned tiles, and unique furniture pieces shipped in from Europe.

The multicolored cabinetry from the living room continues in the children's rooms, reimagined as wall shelving and drawers. All of the colorful mid-century furniture pieces were chosen in London, then brought back to Brazil when the family finally came home.

Photography Courtesy of Guilherme Torres

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