Spring Learning Center, Hong Kong

An object of simplicity understood by an adult, can be the very same object that ignites a child’s imagination and sends them into a creative wonderworld. Spring Learning Center is Hong Kong's newest creative wonderworld for children. Designed by Joey Ho Design, the playful space has deliberately excluded the stereotypical items such as toys and cartoon characters. Instead, the designers sought to capture the space from the point of view of the child, and how they interact with their environment.

The 7,500-square-foot instructional space campaigns for good-natured imagination. The lunchroom features a whimsical centerpiece structural column styled as a tree, supporting a mezzanine “tree house.” Powder blue, chartreuse, white, and clear-finished blond wood outfit large scale objects throughout the center and lend a vibrancy to the overall ambiance.

Perhaps one of the coolest features at Spring is the reception desk that helps to bring kids into dialogue of grown-ups. If tots need to speak to the staff member behind the reception desk, a short staircase brings them up to eye level.

In addition to the reception desk, furniture elements are designed to suit both adults and children, in an effort to embrace shared functions. For example, dual-height washbasins allow everyone to use the same restrooms, and cooking lessons take place in a professional-looking stainless-steel kitchen, scaled down.

Swings, cocoon-like caves and cozy seating pods work together to spark the imagination of a child and cultivate long-lasting values of inspirational learning.

  Photography Courtesy of Joey Ho Design

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