Greenland Zhengzhou Sales Center

Curvaceous forms create sinuous connections at Greenland Group‘s new sales center in Zhengzhou, China.

Shanghai-based creative studio MRT Design conjured up a showroom that defies straight lines with a dialogue that constantly shifts and realigns as architectural components move through the space. This establishment marks the second Zhengzhou-centered sales office that architect Bill Yen, Founder of MRT, has created for the real estate moguls.

Yen designed the showroom to operate as a place where Greenland can attract and entertain prospective real estate buyers. Dressed for success, the center is outfitted with sculptural white walls that organically mold into tables, display units and seating. Here, ambient lighting is dynamically integrated into the ceiling and walls in the form of sweeping light strips that add a sense of movement and dimension to the space.

The center features a spacious oblique lobby that displays 3D models of the company's most recent developments, private sales offices and a lavish lounge used for entertaining - all spaces speak the same curvilinear architectural language.

Upscale interior finishes such as marble, copper, wood and leather impressively infuse together to create a sophisticated and opulent atmosphere, an elegant setting where the team at Greenland will proudly exhibit their latest developments!

Photography by Bureau36

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