Vespa Galleria by Supermachine

Is it just us? Or does everyone have that moment where they zone out in front of their work desk (perhaps after hours of mind-blowing deadlines to meet) and daydream about zipping through tiny Italian streets on a mint colored Vespa? Italy may have been where the scooter makers got their start (and where the daydream takes place), but lately, the company has their eyes set on Asia.

With the consistent economic growth, Asia has become the strong market for a beloved brand of scooters. This growth has manifested into the creation of Bangkok's new Vespa Galleria, skillfully designed by the creatives over at Supermachine.

Being more than just showroom and sales space, Vespa Galleria includes a scooter showroom, merchandise shop, scooter service and small exhibition space all-in-one. The 7,500 square foot gallery features a high-gloss mint green finish on the floor and ceiling, curvy white brick walls, and custom wood furniture that bind together to create the cheerful space.

"For us, designer, “Vespa”, with its long history, is more than just a scooter. It is a culture, a lifestyle." Explained Supermachine's founder Pitupong Chaowakul. "We tried to add different dimensions of Vespa into the project. Behind the sales counter, the bricked wall becomes the 'scooter wall'. Hundreds of tiny models of Vespa are secured onto it to create the back drop for the full size scooter in front. Above the counter, we installed a series of big cylinder lamps custom made from blown up vintage Vespa advertisements."

For the Bangkok showroom, Supermachine tweaked the initial concept to veer away from being a little “corporate”, and lean towards creating a more playful space by using curved brick walls juxtaposed with vintage graphics from Vespa's old posters. But the designers didn't deviate too much from Vespa's original concept, as the main sales space remains bright white as requested from the brand.

To artfully display the models, Supermachine employed an elliptical shaped stand to showcase the scooters in a dynamic radial orientation.  Deeper inside, the space is curved continuously into the “Vespa Green” exhibition showing a collection of old and special edition of Vespa scooters!

 Photography courtesy of Supermachine

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