A Seaside Entanglement: The Tuning House

A total transformation took place on the coast of Spain for Xpiral Architect’s recently completed Tuning House. Javer Pena, founder and lead architect of Xpiral, was contacted by a French couple who wanted to turn two residences on the coast of Mazzaron into one “comfortable and familiar house” with plenty of room for entertaining guests. When Xpiral got their hands on the house they found that the layout, building systems, and materials were outdated and the direction of the house was not taking full advantage of the beautiful surrounding landscape and view. The architect refreshed the home by bringing out its phenomenological and climatic aspects while incorporating the elements and textures of the existing house itself.

The facade is outfitted with an artistic white crochet network that Pena says is his favorite element of the Tuning House. “The main innovative effort of the project was focused on the facade, which is a multitask element that came up after several steps of design.” Pena explained he “got involved with it from the early conceptual design to the final construction, being the one who directly built the crocheted component as a handicraft element.”

This element had three steps of design, which showcase the post-production work that went into the Tuning House.  The first step was to demolish the south façade. This opened up the house to the sun and landscape. Next, the exterior was painted white to reflect the sun, which aids in temperature regulation. Lastly, thick rope weave over a glass fibber pipe network was made to create the façade. But this design was built for more than just aesthetics. The pipes water the plants, protect the house from the sun, and filter the wind.

Inside the house a kaleidoscope courtyard aids ventilation and a series of mirrors helps distribute light. The post-production work in this design shows technology and handmade design can seamlessly work together. The garden, which sits lower than the house, was turned into an open terrace incorporating an outside sitting room and kitchen. When all these elements come together a fine tuned, modern and functional living space is created rightfully known as the Tuning House!

Photography by David Frutos @ BIS Images

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