Bureau Betak Produces The Christian Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show

Snapshot: A post punk Sonic Youth track reverberates throughout the set as models glide onto the pristine, pure white stage. Surrounded by striking silver walls enveloped in white orchids, they present Raf Simons’ newest line of clothing.

Alexandre de Betak and his Paris based studio, Bureau Betak, present the Christian Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show in Musee Rodin. Known for organizing worldwide fashion shows and other top tier special events, such as Tiffany and Co’s Diamond Exhibition in Beijing, Betak’s productions are regularly visited by VIPs such as Charlize Theron, Rosamund Pike and Olivia Palermo.

The set - a design inspired by 1950s ceramist Valentine Schlegal - featured circular, reflective walls amassed with a vivid display of white orchids and a floor seemingly ready for space travel. An effectual fusion of both organic, enlightenment era beauty and clean, futuristic space age imagery, the display blooms into the perfect stage for the models to float upon.  The floor is patterned with small softly glowing slits that follow the circular pattern, creating a flow to accent the orchestrated path for the silhouettes.  

 Some have called it an igloo, others a traditional Greek clay hut, and one could be heard claiming it a merge between Gehry and Gaudi, but this set really functions as a sanctuary that confidently presents the couture as the future of fashion.

Photography by Bureau Betak

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