Bureau Betak Designs Tiffany & Co.'s Diamond Exhibition in Beijing

The multidisciplinary wizard behind the staging of world-class runway shows for fashion brands like Christian Dior, Hussein Chalayan and Rodarte, has conjured up a reflective spaceship-like pavilion for Tiffany & Co.'s most recent exhibition in Beijing.

The man we're referring to is none other than French designer and fashion show producer Alexandre de Betak, founder of Paris-based creative studio Bureau Betak.

Constructed in celebration of Tiffany & Co.'s 175th anniversary, the jewelry-makers wanted to share their legacy in an exhibition of archival jewelry. The exhibition features thousands of dreamy little lights surrounding an angular and self-illuminating complex - with every tiny light reflecting from its mirror finish. Inside the pavilion, Betak devised a layout with fluid spatial organization that allows jewelry spectators to comfortably admire the brilliantly lit diamonds. Betak's design of the exhibition evokes a larger narrative that distinguishes Tiffany & Co. through 175 years of legacy and craftsmanship and extends to contemporary design.

 Photography By Bureau Betak

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