Zumbo Patisserie, Melbourne

Australian pastry chef, Adriano Zumbo, is widely dubbed the "Sweet Assassin", "Patissier of Pain", and "the Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen." Translation: the man has surely done some browbeating in his time. With nicknames that would leave many engulfed in the hells of intimidation, it's the architecture newbies of Elenberg Fraser Graduate School's class of 2013 who have taken on the daunting task of designing Zumbo's new South Yarra patisserie in Melbourne.

The Graduate School program gives junior members of Elenberg Fraser's studio the chance to work independently on a project from start to finish, including construction and installation of certain elements – an experience that also provides the perfect chance to experiment with new ideas, allowing the new generation to reinvent the architectural practice. In this case, the young architects teamed up to design a front of house fit-out for the masterchef's new shop with only one requirement – that the store include pink in its color palette.

The students expanded their response to Zumbo's original brief by including signage and furniture, a combination of bespoke pieces that create a delectable fantasy world with a slightly kinky twist. The mirror-like plastic panels lining the interior were vacuum-formed, metalized and given their reflective finish from aluminum vapor. The light of neon pink 'Zumbo' signage repetivly reflects the shop's signature color onto the metalized panels, achieving a curiously exciting ambiance.

'Melting candy' seats were constructed from up-cycled furniture adorned with self-expanding foam and silicone. The unique seating units are intended to function as both furniture and art, with its macaroon-like texture that naturally creates a wild and thought provoking statement. Whether a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, the results are good enough to eat.

Photography courtesy of Elenberg Fraser

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