The Sculptural Shell: Goodman Office by MAKE Creative

Antonia Pesenti and Patricia Bondin, directors of Sydney-based MAKE Creative, have upcycled an unused industrial space into a stylish collaborative workplace for global property experts Goodman.

Using the uniquely sculptural shell as a jumping off point, MAKE employed long communal workspaces ringed by small and simple wood frame rooms to create a cohesive, industrial-lite office and showroom. The centralized worktables simultaneously utilize the grand scale of the space, and create intimacy within it. Crate-like wooden frames house lighting fixtures above the worktables, breaking up the lofty height, and creating another dimension within the space as a whole. 

The meeting and conference rooms were designed to act as sculptural forms within the larger space, creating simple, yet effective areas for privacy. The a-symmetrical tops of the plain square boxes echo the existing industrial shed rooflines, and are reminiscent of built-out artist lofts you might expect to find in Brooklyn.  The construction-yellow accent stripes found on the walls and stools in the waiting area are playful without losing the industrial vibe, and are a welcome hint of color within the concrete and wooden milieu. 

As purveyors of industrial and office space worldwide, Goodman wanted their own office project to "highlight the transformative possibilities of industrial sites and create a showcase for adaptive reuse."  MAKE deftly stepped up to this challenge, transforming recycled materials into high-end office accoutrement, and seamlessly integrating the exposed steel skeleton of the building with workplace functionality and the duo's quirky design personality. 

Photography by Luc Remond

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