Suspended Pod: Riverside Apartment by Foster Lomas Architects

New to London's South riverbank is a dreamy penthouse, recently renovated by award-winning Foster Lomas Architects, a creative architecture firm founded in 2005 by architects Will Foster and Greg Lomas. The space is a soothing visual blend of elements representative of the owner’s travels and memories in locations such as the South of France and Morocco.

Prior to renovations, poor lighting and a shoddy labyrinth of corridors compromised the beauty and extent of the space. The architects decided to remove the corridors first and stretch the usable space as much as possible. They also made sure to bring about a sense of harmonious fluidity, taking into account the building’s curved geometry.

meticulous remodeling, reconstruction and redesigning went into the current look of the penthouse and the new mezzanine is definitely one of the apartment's focal points. A hanging pod inspired by the 1930’s motorboats. The pod is more ovoid than oval and consists of three discrete layers, more or less “step”-like, increasing in dimensions from the bottom to the top. The skeleton of the ‘room’ is made of semi-monocoque plywood and a series of laminated oak cladding panels completes the structure. To top it off, the pod is suspended on just 12 brass tension cables from the ceiling.

The staircase leading up to the mezzanine definitely adds to the visual package. It looks like a helical laser cut ribbon, almost like the major groove of a DNA strand. The spiral staircase and leads to the elevated lounging area where one can simply enjoy the views of Chelsea from the cozy, homey space.

Other rooms in the apartment are also rich with different materials, colors and textures. The master suite has an open plan that treats the bath, shower and bed as objects in an extended landscape. Loosely hanging diaphanous curtains define the dining space. When not in use, the space becomes a part of the kitchen. The apartment system also maintains energy efficiency, has sophisticated light controls, a fully integrated audio-visual system and inbuilt measures to turn off equipment when not in use.

The suspended pod adds a surreal dimension to the space by showcasing a little slice of London, in a big way.

Photography by Michael Franke

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