Nana’s Tea House by Kamitopen

A creative twist on tradition gives Japanese tea a futuristic feeling.

Kamitopen have designed several of Nana’s Tea Houses throughout Japan, and this Osaka outlet is the most recent addition to the chain. Striving to express the company’s “new Japanese style” of cuisine, lead architect Masahiro Yoshida continues to recreate their fresh, modern vibe.

Nana’s Tea is founded on the desire to reinvent traditional Japanese tea, sweets and savories so that the ancient experience of the tea house can be more accessible to people all over the world. With exciting colors and flavors permeating the menu, it was crucial that the design matched the culinary ethos.

The “houses” are fresh, clean and minimalist. Natural materials like wood and stone fit with a monochrome pallet to contrast with the vibrant teas and edible delights. This Osaka branch boasts swooping booths and delicate curvatures that wrap around guests as they sit to enjoy their meal. Seated within the arched bounds of natural wood and underneath a mirroring bough-like crown, the tables feel as though they are inside the comforting arms of a great oak tree. The artwork gracing the walls called “chabana” reflects all four seasons through depictions of various flowers that differ from month to month, further adding to the presence of natural material.

Successfully combining the style of traditional Japanese tea houses and the needs of fast-paced modern day life, Kamitopen’s design is both soothing and exciting. Capturing the natural elements and healthy components of the Japanese tea experience, Nana’s Tea House safely deposits this tradition into the future and delivers a fun, fresh place in which to enjoy it.

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