Austria’s Sweet Tooth: Eisdieler Ice Cream Parlor

Minimal design and clean lines help keep the focus on the product: all natural, delicious and refreshing ice cream.

Nestled away in the winding streets of Linz, Austria exists an ice cream parlor, owned by Jurgen Bleij, that has reinvented the classic summer treat. Eisdieler Ice Cream Parlor features flavors such as “Bourbon Vanilla” and “Latte Machiatto” served on long, thin black sugar cones in a modern and sophisticated store.

The parlor décor, created by architecture and design firm March Gut, who added a futuristic upgrade to the space. The wall design mirrors the unique black cone, with the triangular pattern scattered throughout to create a geometrical façade. The countertops are crisp and white, which contrasts the ornately painted ceiling while provocative images from Erwin Rachbauer hang around the parlor.

Experiencing this Austrian establishment is a must-do, if not for the eclectic design than for the mouth-watering ice cream.

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