Ready, Set, Go! Pre-K Goes Prismatic

Submerging a child into a vibrant, active, and creative environment is similar to pressing a 'play' button on their sponge-like brains. And when we say play, we don't just mean play. We mean activate, engage, and respond! Rotstein Arkitekter dreamed up an energetic and vivid space to spark the imagination and ignite the curiosity of the little tots who attend Stockholm's Sjötorget Kindergarten.

The kindergarten is located on the ground floor, inside a newly developed block of connecting buildings in Stockholm's Liljeholmskajen neighborhood. The area is facing a rapid growth spurt, and is searching for creative solutions for their new architectural and interior needs.

Founding architects Anders Rotstein and Rickard Rotstein applied hues of yellow, pink, blue and green to specific zones of the school. Using colors as a graphical wayfinding tool for the kids.

"Secret" hideouts, built-in wall seating, and canary-colored lookout towers are just some of the many exciting architectural elements injected into the space.

The architects worked strategically to create a nursery where the children can play and be creative. The team integrated storage into the walls and the stairs with dynamic play areas, huts and caves - taking the game of Hide-and-Seek to a whole new level.

Photography by Åke E:son Lindman

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