I Spy...Freudenhaus Eyewear Shop

Aigner Architecture has formulated a true triple threat in Freudenhaus' newest Munich eyewear shop. Three distinctive areas have been carved out of the 2,500 square foot shop in effort to cater to the shade-maker's broad demographic.

Entering the boutique, visitors are warmly greeted with the Yellow Zone; a sun-filled space with lemon zest colored walls that display chic shades.

Venturing further into the shop, guests can peruse Freudenhaus' sporty specs amongst an outer space inspired atmosphere. Large white cylinders house perfectly aligned frames below an unpolished concrete ceiling.

Perhaps the most wow-worthy design feature in the shop takes place in the children's area, where pint-size furniture is secured to the ceiling and an entire wall becomes a Lego wonderland. Full disclosure: we're more than a little envious of the kid zone. We have a weak spot for Legos.

Photography Courtesy of Aigner Architecture

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