Can’t Stop the Beat: Wireless Boombox by TDK

Snapshot: Complete with USB port and Bluetooth compatibility, TDK reincarnates the iconic boombox with a sleek, minimalist look.

Over twenty years since the Golden Age of the Boombox came to a close, TDK Life on Record brings this symbol of music culture back from the ‘80s. Modernizing a relic of the past, the Wireless Boombox is equipped with Bluetooth, USB charge port, remote control, and of course, built-in FM radio.

Keeping with the basic design of its forefathers, the Wireless Boombox retains the classic look but does away with all the bulk. This slimmer, cleaned up design stays simple with a jet black exterior, metallic detail, and padded aluminum handle.

Gone are the many buttons and dials of the ghetto blasters of old, the modern incarnation makes do with just the two dials—one for volume and one to control play—and a front-facing screen. The rest of the face is devoted to what really matters of any boombox, the sound. A subwoofer along with two high-performance drivers provide a blast worthy of a strut down the street on a shoulder.

Photography by TDK