Houston, We Have a Coffee Table: Sputnik-5 by Plan S-23

An homage to the pioneer satellite, Plan S-23 brings us the “Sputnik-5," a coffee table-planter hybrid.

Sputnik-1 carried living things from Earth into space and though this model is more fit to bear your book and cup of coffee rather  than orbit Earth, it draws clear inspiration from the original. The St. Petersburg-based design studio, Plan S-23 takes the idea of a plant vessel meant to encapsulate and protect, and applies it to furniture design.

Five pieces fit together on the metal frame to form this coffee table-planter hybrid. Each element is designed to stand alone as well. When assembled, a pyramid forms within the frame and houses the herbs or flowers. The plant and tip of the pyramid peak out through the center of the white marble tabletop.

Photography by:  Plan-S23