STASIS: Bespoke Bicycle Storage by Method Studio

Looking for the ultimate pedestal to display your bicycle upon? Look no further than Method Studio's STASIS. "Designed to pay homage to the fine art of the bicycle," STASIS is a handcrafted work of art that really adds something new and personal to the craft of the two-wheeler.

Method Studio seeks to "develop, design and meticulously handcraft some of the most exquisite and bespoke furniture and objects in the world." Creating one-of-a-kind artwork, this small specialist team from the east coast of Scotland shows us a menagerie of really fantastic, carefully constructed pieces that gives special attention and beauty to that which surrounds us on a daily basis: watch cases, umbrella stands, tea sets and the like are all redesigned into something truly special. Their work often has a touch of the classic, yet still has a unique aesthetic that exhibits a tasteful mesh between the archaic and modern. 

STASIS is the proper frame for the finest of bicycles. Carefully measured and welded copper pipes curve around the spot for the bike, serving as an all encompassing frame work for your ride. Curving down from the top, bars wrapped in hand stitched, oiled Tuscan leather proudly hold up the two-wheeler in only the most genuine and proper way. Scottish oak serves as the base, with room for a quaint steamed willow basket underneath.  Each piece of STASIS was carefully picked and given the utmost attention to: the polish for the copper work took over 30 hours to apply, meticulously worked on until perfect. If your interested (and why would you not be?) Method Studio is willing to customize each STASIS for their clients, wanting only to craft the perfect home for the perfect bicycle.

Photography courtesy of Method Studio