Times Are Changin': Damien Urvoy's Ubo Clock

Damien Urvoy found inspiration elsewhere for his minimalist tabletop clock. Specifically, he looked to the outside of Paris's Centre Pompidou 

Time may mostly be told via digital technology these days, but Damien Urvoy's minimalist Ubo clocks present time in a simple and colorful way.

Though designer Damien Urvoy is still relatively young, he believes design makes things evolve. His table clock, Ubo, is the newest, non-smartphone, non-smartwatch way to present time. The clocks find inspiration from the Paris complex building known as Centre Pompidou, whose exterior is layered with pipes, which mixes an industrial-heavy design with bright, vibrant colors such as red, green, and blue.

Urvoy's clocks are not as industrial-looking, but just as colorful. Space is always valuable, and this one-piece item is not intrusive on a table top. The most unique aspect of the clock is the angle at which the face is tilted. From the side, one could mistake it as the pipes from Super Mario or Flappybird.

Time will remain such a simple concept for most people, but Urvoy's Ubo clock presents it in a new manner that will catch some eyes.

Photography by Damien Urvoy