The Simpsons and Pietre Mondrian Inspired Wine Bottles by Constantin Bolimond

Although it's likely that Homer Simpson would scoff at the modernist works of Pietre Mondrian, he would certainly be interested in a high potency drink of unknown flavor  ("Mmmmmmmm, Marge shaped mystery alcohol....[glug glug glug glug]") and herein lies the quite savvy comedic punch behind Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond's Simpsons inspired wine bottles.

In it's 26 years on the air, which is (un)coincidentally also the vintage of the bottles, the crude cartoon turned cultural icon has made plenty of it's own references to the art world: from Norman Rockwell to The Last Supper, to an episode wherein Homer actually becomes a sought after Outsider Artist, so the leap into 4 dimensions of flat modernist color is logically and loudly attractive. The bottles are instantly recognizable as America's favorite parents, the coloring and proportions elegantly redesigned into a vessel for alcohol - The Cause Of, and Solution To, all of life's problems.

Bolimond's bottles are likely not sanctioned by Simpsons creator Matt Groening - who has some perfectly cromulent concerns about encouraging children to drink  - but with no actual product, pricing, or shipping information provided, copyright infringement may be a moot point. But those of us who would sell our souls to Milhouse to see these babies on the shelf at our local Kwik-E-Mart are seriously wondering - Worst Wine Ever? Tastes like burning? Or would it be like a sweet sweet liquor to ease the pain, a temporary solution, as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot Christmas? Like many things to good to be true, Wine, or maybe not? will have to remain the proverbial Forbidden Sandwich - for now.

Photography by Constantin Bolimond