Yoga Design Lab: Yoga Mats and Towels for the eco-conscious

Snapshot: Yoga Design Lab's yoga mats achieve an all-in-one product while also being produced an in eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing design. Transform your daily yoga experience with Yoga Design Lab's beautifully crafted mats and towels.

Yoga Design Lab's mats and towels are shaking up the industry. Designed to be environmentally sound, each mat is made from 100% recyclable materials and water based inks and do not contain materials such as latex, silicone, toxic glue or phthalates. Best of all, the surface designs are perfect for daily yoga routines.

"Great design, plus technical innovation, plus impeccable quality, plus sustainability." This motto served as the inspiration for Yoga Design Lab's founder, Chad Turn. It was in the Indonesian province of Bali that he decided the yoga mat industry needed a shake up, both in the plain, boring designs and in the bio-renewable consciousness of how mats were produced.

These light-weight mats provide an excellent investment. The reversible mats are designed to be an all-in-one product for regular or hot yoga, as they provide the grip of a towel and the cushioning of a yoga mat. Expanding on the bio-conscious efforts, mats are made from 100 percent natural tree rubber and water based inks and do not contain any latex, silicone toxic glue or phthalates. Their lightweight towels are also made with top quality microfiber and non-fade, eco-friendly water based print.

Yoga is about combining physical, mental and spiritual practices to sooth the mind and body. These mats help in the practice by being aesthetically pleasing. The Chevron Mat, for instance, is a rainbow of fluorescent colors that all compliment each other perfectly, whereas the Dreamscape's dark purple shades give the illusion of being on Cloud 9. Combined with the Geo Hot Yoga Towel's bright 3D shape design, these yoga essentials will bring life to any yoga studio.

Yoga Design Lab's mats and towels achieve much more than the simple brand store yoga mat. Their produced in an environmentally friendly way that not only beefs up the product's quality, but also provides a much better yoga experience. If yoga has become just another daily routine, these products will surely bring the excitement back.

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