Pendura Coat Stand: A New Triple Edge Takes Form

Galula puts a new and curiously charming design together to modernize an old and trivial piece of furniture, the coat stand. Pendura (hanging) is a coat stand that has a basic, but functional principle that is seen within this arresting design piece.

This geometrically sound coat stand is founded from a Portuguese design studio called Galula. Galula designs are mirrored by the personalities of the designers, Filipa Mendes and Gustavo Macedo, through their lively and nonchalant attitudes. Proclivity with this frame of mind is clearly reflected within the Pendura coat stand. Easy but diverse color pallets reinforce the designers’ clear esthetic. Also, the simplistic form and dynamic functionality that are presented and defined in this redesigned speak heavily towards the artists.

With an interesting form the Pendura coat stand can simply rest against a wall. The acme vertex on this piece is where the design is placed along the wall. Straight forward lines give shape to this uncomplicated form of the elementary triangle. The triangle may be a seemingly familiar shape, but this is an unfamiliar shape to the existence of the common coat stand. Slanted grooves are indented within the sturdy oak design serving as a mundane purpose to simply hang things up. Whether you choose to hang coats, scarves or whatever it’s entirely up to you.

It is with this cleverly constructed coat stand onlookers are being able to see an unordinary change. “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” Andy Warhol.

Photography by Galula