A Wedged Bear in a Great Tightness: Pooh Glassware Set

Despite being the most famous resident of the 100 Acre Woods, Winnie the Pooh is self-admittedly a Bear of Very Little Brain, and has gotten himself into some memorable predicaments within the pages of A.A. Milne's classic books, some of which are recreated in the new glassware set designed for Walt Disney Japan by Oki Sato, creative director of design firm Nendo.

From disguising himself as a Small Black Cloud in a Blue Sky in an ill-fated bee burglary, to becoming quite stuck in Rabbit's hole after Pooh cleans out his larder, the scenes and figures represented in Sato's design are simply crafted in honey-colored silicone and minimally rendered, yet are sweetly evocative of the beloved tales of the silly old bear.

Pooh, and especially Piglet, know that it's hard to be brave when one is a Very Small Animal, but they also teach us that with the help of one's friends, a few tiddely poms, and plenty of honey, it is sometimes possible to lean over the bottom rail of bridge, and watch the river slipping slowly beneath, and suddenly know everything there is to be known.

Photography courtesy of Nendo