Dalton Containers By La Mamba Studio

“Our work focuses basically on human experience behavior, concretely on the understanding of the recent ways of interacting between people and objects to create new forms and proposals in the world of furniture.”

Dalton containers are a decorative collection of dry food containers designed by the Valencia based, La Mamba Studio. Sold exclusively at omelette-ed, they are the perfect accent to any kitchen or eating area because of their eclectic shape, various sizes, and range of colors.

Made from beech wood and aluminum, Dalton stores anything from sugar to rice to tea. The 20-degree angle makes for easy pouring and the most functional feature is the pop-top—with the push of the finger, the Dalton container releases.

Since being founded in 2008, the Spanish design team, consisting of Raúl Durà, Pedro Rivera and Ommar Uribe, has been coming up with exiting and innovative ways to change the design world. Known for their imaginative spirit, the three young designers always want to create eye-catching objects that are useful in everyday life.

They are deeply inspired by the lines and smooth shapes of Scandinavian design, which is easily identifiable in their Dalton collection. La Mamba prides itself on its attention to detail, adding their personal style to each and every design.

Photography by La Mamba Studio