A New Angle: Vertty Reinvents The Beach Towel Concept

Leave it to the Portuguese to create an awesome new beach towel with true cosmopolitan soul, turning a simple object into a trendy accessory. Lisbon-based designers Diogo Cruz and Frederico Cardoso created Vertty's vibrant new towel collection in effort to transport the city's sophistication to the casual environment of the beach. With a unique design and a colorful variety, the brand intends to explore the full potential of a basic commodity.

With a larger size, lighter weight and introducing a waterproof pocket, the brand has product efficiency on the forefront of its mind. Vertty towels are 10cm bigger than usual while being 30% lighter than most.

The waterproof pocket is pretty much self-explanatory, while the towel itself is handmade and its production respected the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning all materials (chemical and textile) used to make it are eco-friendly.

With the philosophy of evolution in mind, Cardoso and Cruz created an electrifying and innovative identity for the new towel brand. To complement the design of the towels, the young creatives designed a playful triangular 'box' to transport the towels. And don't expect to find these sand toppers in just any ol' store, Vertty's showroom is located inside a traveling bus that is outfitted with colorful triangles, paralleling the dynamic design of the towels.

This stance embodies a different look on life, a new angle. Things don’t have to be just what they are supposed to. Vertty and its team believe that even the ordinary can become distinct. Because style is not about money or status. It’s about taste and attitude

Photographs by Vertty