Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit

There's no need to taste the rainbow when you can now make your very own giant wad of juicy bubble gum in crazy flavors, coloring, and shapes! The 'Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit' is designed with the chronic masticator, DIY'er, and perpetual kid-at-heart in mind. The 20-something dollar kit includes everything you'll need to blow your own bubble; the bubble gum base, powdered sugar, corn sweetener, waxed paper, mixing tools, bubble gum flavoring, a mixing container, and step-by-step instruction.

Following the simple step-by-step instructions, in just half an hour you can transform bags of estranged sterile-looking ingredients into mounds of sweet juicy bubble gum. Add your own flavors and coloring and you needn't be restrained by sticks of gum either – make laces, balls, rings, whatever you please. If you've ever wanted to put your mighty jaws to the test on an over-sized globule of gum or attempt to inflate the largest bubble in the world (and who hasn't) then don't miss this fantastic opportunity to blow your own bubble.

Photography Courtesy of FIREBOX