Concrete Craters: Posh Craft & Realize Create the Luna iPhone 5 Skin

In recent years, industrial designers around the world have been exploring alternative uses for one of architecture's most integral materials - concrete. From this exploration, awe-inspiring objects, gadgets, and accessories have come to fruition. Korean shop Posh Projects and Realize design studio have collaborated to create the new Luna iPhone Skin, a crater infested concrete shell for your iPhone 5.

Industrial designers and founders of Realize Studio Jihye Kim, Chang Ho Lee, Jae Yong Lee, and Hyerim Shin led the design team in realizing the moon-inspired iPhone skin.

KNSTRCT spoke with designer Jaeyong Lee, who explained that the inspiration came to the team while they were doing some spring cleaning. "We were inspired by accident from the scan of concrete on a paper in the middle of cleaning," Lee explained.

After the designers agreed on the crater-like design of the Luna Skin, they journeyed forward to make a durable and marketable product. "We tested concrete a lot of times in various ways to make a product that has marketability. After lots of fails, it is finally completed," the designer noted. 

Once the product achieved the high standards of the design team, the crew paired up with Junyeong Lim, CEO and designer of 'Posh project', to start distributing the Luna Skin.

"Each concrete skin will have a specific and unique concrete pattern that is the only one in the world," Lee explained. The names of the design studio's are etched into the bottom of the skin, signifying the first collaboration between Posh Craft & Realize. The Luna Skin is expected to be sold by mid-summer for $20.00.

Photography By Posh Craft