Mine Kafon By Massoud Hassani

Massoud Hassani grew up in Afghanistan. As a child him and his brother used to build small toys that rolled. The two boys would take the small toys out in the hills to play with them, but as the wind would pick up the toys would roll faster than their little legs could carry. Eventually the boys would have to let the wind take their toys, because the land was covered in millions of land mines. Hassani explained that some kids, would attempt to get their toys, but the consequences to that choice was fatal. Hassani has been riddled with concept after concept of how to detonate the mines to allow the local people to use the land safely for the past twenty years. during his graduate studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, the 25 year old was able to experiment with his theories on a grander scale. He took the same idea that he had as a boy, a device that could roll over the land, but he needed to make it strong enough to withstand the power of the explosion.

Early prototypes of the Mine Kafon would explode to pieces along with the detonation of the bomb. Now, Hassani has designed a GPS integrated Mine Kafon Ball that will not explode when the mine goes off - the ball will continue to roll to the next mine to release the detonation. The ball is constructed of three parts, the spherical core, 70 bamboo legs that stick out from it, and black round surfaces for the feet. Check out the landmine seeking device in action in the video below.

 (Video By Callum Cooper )