The Dome Oven

Industrial Designer Xavier Lopez says that "we are experts in precooked meals made in 5-15 minutes." It seems, at times, we can be so caught up with our faced paced lives that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Lopez's DOME Oven might just be the trick to slowing us all down!?! "The idea is to recover the idea of DOME cooking fire and slowly, as our ancestors did, generating a meeting around food because you have to wait to be done," the designer explained. The DOME is relatively light weight and can be used in the kitchen, or you can take it on a picnic to the beach. The oven is constructed of all handmade pieces with a refractory ceramic and a little shallot. Lopez chose a dark black glaze to line the inside so the food becomes more attractive and the small structure is sculpted to give the food perfectly distributed heat!


(Photography: Xavier Lopez)